2 Reasons To Make Sure To Use Water Proof Flooring Adhesive

When you get new flooring put down, you want to make sure that the adhesive that the flooring contractor uses is waterproof. Here are two reasons why: 


One reason to make sure that the adhesive is waterproof is the fact that it will increase your floor's longevity. The longer your floor lasts, the better off you are going to be because putting in a new floor can be expensive depending on what kind of floor you have chosen to have installed in your house. Having a waterproof adhesive will make sure that if and when water gets into your floor and ends up underneath, it won't wash away any of the adhesives. If it does, it can cause the flooring to raise up, which would make your floor need to be replaced or repaired a lot sooner than it should have to be. The longer your floor lasts, the better the return on your investment, so it's good to check to make sure that the contractor is using the waterproof adhesive. 


Another reason to go with waterproof adhesive is that it may help protect your subflooring and keep damage from setting in. You want to do anything you possibly can to make sure that the subflooring stays in good shape. There are several reasons for this, but one is that if a lot of water gets into your subfloor, you can end up with things like mold in places you really don't want it to show up in. That can affect the health of your house, your health, and the health of your loved ones. Water getting into your subfloor can also cause it to warp and twist, which will damage the flooring on top of it. That is going to mean that you are going to have to take up the floor so that the subflooring can be replaced or repaired, and then the flooring will have to be replaced. Overall, this is going to be an expensive repair for you, and one that you could have been able to avoid. 

If you are going to have a new floor installed, make sure that the contractor is going to put a waterproof adhesive done when they are installing the new floor so that you know that your floor is going to last as long as possible. For more information about waterproof flooring adhesive, contact a flooring company. 

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