Removing Pet Damaged Carpeting –Tips To Ensure The Smell Leaves With The Carpeting

When pets destroy carpeting, not only does the carpeting need to be replaced, but so does some of the stuff underneath the carpeting. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get the old, pet stained carpeting out of your home, as well as the odors that it will leave behind. When you've finished, and the new carpeting has been installed, not only will the gross carpeting be gone, but so will the smells that go with it. Before you move forward with your carpet replacement project, finish the preparation steps below.

Remove the Old in Strips

Moving around stinky carpeting isn't anything fun for anyone, so instead of struggling with one large roll of stinky carpeting, get a good, sharp carpet knife and cut the carpeting into strips. You can then roll those smaller strips and then wrap them in trash bags or plastic shipping wrap. This way, you won't have to touch the carpet as you carry it out of the house.

Repeat the process with the padding under the carpeting.

Treat the Subflooring

Now, you'll have to work to remove the smells left in the subflooring. Hopefully, the urine didn't saturate the padding in so many parts of the floor that you'll have to treat the subfloor entirely, but look for any darker areas of wood – these are the areas to focus on. You'll need to do a cleaning of the entire floor, but the dark areas are where the moisture has been absorbed into the wood.

Get a bottle of Nature's Miracle cleaning solution. This product is designed to be applied directly to the pet stained areas and allowed to dry. As it dries, it kills the enzymes that cause the pet odors to remain.

Let the floor dry entirely – place fans around the room and use a dehumidifier to expedite the drying process.

Apply Odor Blocking Paint

There are various brands of odor blocking paints to choose from. To make sure that the odor is completely blocked, get paint that is used to restore homes after fires. This type of paint conceals or removes the odors left behind after a fire, so it will do a very good job concealing or removing the odors your pet accidents have caused.

It takes time, but once you've done all of the work, the smells of that old carpeting will be gone and your new carpeting will smell as great as it looks. Now, to find a way to keep the dog from having future accidents on your new carpeting.  Work with a carpet installation service for more help.

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