Ready To Upgrade To Wood Flooring? Know What Product Is Best Is For Your Home

If you want to replace you flooring with a wood option, but you aren't sure how much money you want to spend or what wood flooring is the best for your budget and home, there are some different things that you need to think about. Real hardwood, porcelain tile, and engineered wood are the choices you will most likely have to choose from. Here are some key facts about all of them.

Real Hardwood

Real hardwood is the most expensive option, but also very valuable for the home. If you know that you want real hardwood floors, you want to be prepared to pay more and for the installation process to take longer.

Real wood looks beautiful, and can last for decades if properly maintained with sealing and care. With this option, you have to be more careful with water and spills or scratches over time. Bamboo is a very durable option to consider, and the stronger the flooring, the better.

Porcelain Tile

The choice of porcelain tile is becoming popular because it looks like real wood but has less maintenance. The tile that is made to look like wood planks is water and stain-resistant, durable, affordable, and looks like a great modern feature in the home. It is easy to choose from different sized planks and stains, and a tile can be replaced if damaged in any way. This is a low-maintenance option for a homeowner that wants hassle-free cleaning.

Faux Wood Engineered Options

If budget is your main concern and priority, engineered hardwood looks like real wood but is made of partial wood and compressed composite board. It's very easy to install, and many homeowners are able to do the installation on their own with this product. A floating floor is ideal for those looking for something low-budget and easy to install, but also something that looks great and like real wood.

Get cost estimates for all of the options if you are still undecided. The flooring company can come out and accurately measure your areas where the wood will go, and then give you the estimates for the materials. The costs for the installation will vary based on the type of materials that you use. If you have the option to use their contractors or outside contractors for labor, make sure that you get more than one quote to see what your different labor costs and options are.

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