3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Floor Panels

Concrete floor paneling is a great option for homeowners who want stylish floors that are extremely durable. If you have these floor panels in your home, you still need to maintain them in the following ways to ensure they last. 

Keep Them Clean 

Like many floors on the interior, concrete floor panels are prone to getting dirty. Pets may have dragged dirt onto the surface, or your children may spill liquids all over. In either case, you can keep them clean simply with a mop and some warm water.

Apply warm water over the panels and let it set for several minutes, so it can remove any tough residues. Then gently swipe the mop over dirty areas. You also might consider applying some liquid soap because it will leave the area clean and smelling fresh. 

Apply Commercial Wax 

Even though concrete floor panels are extremely durable, they are not indestructible. They can in fact get damaged and scratched as furniture slides across their surface. That's why you should apply coats of wax over each panel. Floor wax helps protect the top layer and is easy to apply once it starts to diminish over time.

First, you'll want to thoroughly clean the panels to remove dirt and other residues. You can then apply the wax using a rotary machine, which is designed to speed up this process. Scrubbing pads also work well if a rotary machine won't work with your budget. For optimal results, consider adding multiple layers of wax

Set up Mats in High-Traffic Areas

In areas that receive a lot of traffic, it's important to set up floor mats. Otherwise, these areas will wear down quickly and be more susceptible to scratches and scuff marks. High-traffic areas to pay particular attention to include entrances, hallways, and around sinks. 

There are many great mats you can set up today. Anti-fatigue mats are great for areas in the kitchen, where you may spend hours cooking and cleaning. Also think about choosing mats with anti-slip backings. This way, no matter how fast you approach the floor mat, it won't move and cause you to fall unexpectedly. 

There are many great flooring options for homeowners today, but it's hard to match the durability and authenticity of concrete floor panels. If you take proper care of them throughout the years, they can last for decades and you can avoid unnecessary repairs you're not ready to fix.

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